Saturday, 24 July 2010

Live for the moment!

Live for the moment.

I can't believe I used to be such a pessimist.  Since I changed the way I thought, and looked at life, things have been so much better... I've been better.  Happier.  I've done more things... and I've in turn felt better about myself and my "lot in life".  I've also noticed a much increase in my self confidence.  As someone who has always had crippling confidence issues, this is a major breakthrough for me.

Since I started working in operating theatres, I've seen so many tragic things... heard such devastating, heart-wrenching stories... and it's really made me realise that life is precious.  Life can be short.  Life is what you make of it.  You only get one.  So don't worry - BE HAPPY!!  If you're unhappy... change things.  What do you want to do?  How can you achieve this?  Think about it and set plans in motion to go for it... if you don't try...

I used to think "good things happen to good people" and kinda naively thought that things would work out for me, and I'd get what I wanted out of life because I was good.  However, now at the grand age of 28 I've finally relaised that life just doens't work out like that.  You got to WORK for what you want in life.  Nothing is gonna fall into your lap, unless you're extremely lucky.  And the odds are, they aren't gonna while you sit around waiting for it to happen...  You must push for what you wish for in life... and that's what I've been doing.

This year I've finally been learning to drive!  This will me such freedom, will open up the Highlands to me and Daniel.  It will give us a lot of opportunites.  I've also been going on more trips, which was one of my changes I wanted made.

My boyfriend and I went to Madrid for 5 nights in February and seen the sights, and the gorgeous paintings.  We also went to a Real Madrid game in the Santiago Bernabau stadium, which is IMMENSE!

I went to a local "tweet up" where local Twitter users met up!  This was pretty damn cool too!! Met new tweeters there too to "follow" and found new friends.

I've went on a work trip down to Birmingham ON MY OWN to a conference.  This was a major struggle for me, and I was petrified beforehand... but I did it.  I grabbed the chance, and did it.  It changed me... that trip alone gave me confidence to get out there in the world... and because of that trip, leads on to...

This month in July was go down to Cheshire in England for 5 nights to meet and stay with someone I met via Twitter - my fabby Livi!  I also took my 6 year old son down with me, and we took him to Alton Towers and Drayton Manor for THOMAS LAND!  We also took him around Chester walls, and he found out about the romans, and we took him to Chester Zoo which was totally awesome!  The whole trip was amazing... and we met a friend for life.  Daniel also got to fulfill a life's dream by going to Thomas Land.  If I'd not done the Birmingham thing, there's no way I'd have had the confidence to go on the train back down this way again - WITH a child on board!  But we did it, and we loved it.

Also in September I'm probably taking Daniel abroad for the first time with my Dad, and if my boyfriend gets this new job he's applying for, he'll come too!

However today... I had a bad afternoon... I managed to scratch my laminate flooring in both my hall and livingroom.  When I scratched the hall, I dug a wee stone out the hoover and presumed that's what scratched the hall, so then when I finished there and moved to the livingroom, I went and put a huge scratch along there too!! THEN I dug a blooming TACK out of the hoover!! NO idea where that came from...  I was pretty upset about it all, and thought I need cheering up!  So I set about looking into one of the things I've always wanted to do - and for charity... parachute jump.  I've managed to find out details of jumps in Scotland next year for Marie Curie, and after a quick shout out over Twitter and Facebook I've found someone to do it alongside me!!  This is my friend Wendy.  We were inseperable during primary school, then lost contact when we were about 12 years old.   A few years ago we reconnected through the social networking site Bebo, and met up again!  Well, I'm gonna be doing a parachute jump next year with my childhood best friend!  How awesome is THAT!?

I've done more this year than I've done in years... just shows you, what you need is a positive mental attitude... that's half the battle - YOU!

I can't wait for 2011!!  Bring it on!!!  I can't wait!

L xXx

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  1. So pleased for you :D
    I had a great time when you were down too! Can't wait to come up and see you!
    Good luck with the jump, don't forget to tweet links so we can all donate!