Monday, 5 July 2010

The Inquisitor

The lovely Livi (who I'm meeting a week today!!) over at her little bubble tagged me in this Inquisitor questionaire!

Here's the deal... you answer THEIR questions, then you ask your own 10 questions and tag people to answer THEM and yada yada it goes on...


* * * * *

1) My good friend is a cosmetic surgeon and is offering one free treatment to each of you, what would you change and why? (You can refuse if you’re perfect!)

Only one!?  Sigh.... Okay would love lipo, BUT that can be put back on again, so I am gonna say a rhinoplasty to fix my horrible broken twice bulbous nose - and just be careful not to break it again!

2)  Your TV is stuck and will only play one thing (TV series, film, whatever), what would you pick? (You can’t buy a new one!)

FRIENDS!  Of course!

3) (Stealing this one!) You have your own personal Tardis, where would you go and what would you do?

Ooooooooh I'd go back to childhood and do things differently... be more confident, be better at making and maintaining friendships, sorting the bullies out!!!! (not taking it from them in the first place etc).  Just lots of things for me to be less self conscious etc... oh - And I'd never start smoking!!  Plus when I was a teen realising I had a cracking tum on me, and actually enjoying it... it wasn't huge like I thought it was - and NOW it's pretty flabby so I LITERALLY can't!

4) You’ve suddenly been gifted with all the intelligence/skills you need to do your dream job, what is it?

Hmmmm... I think I'm DOING my dream job!  Sorry!  Nothing else I'd wanna do more!  I love my job!

5) What one piece of futuristic technology would you like right now?

Oh definately a housework robot... 

6) Describe your ideal date to me (it can be with a partner or just a friend if you prefer).

Dinner where you get picked up or meet the guy at a nice place for dinner - not too posh I don't like "fancy" food!.  Where you've both made efforts to dress up nicely, to be as nice for each other as you can.  Chat and laughter throughout meal - with some wine of course!

Afterwards a nice romantic stroll (if it's nice) or a trip to the cinema... or even 10 pin bowling or the likes!!

I've never been on a "proper" date before... so really I'd not be difficult to please!

7) You can hire a household helper for any purpose, but they will only do one thing, what would you have them do?

Clear/tidy up!

8)   There’s going to a movie made of your life! Who would play you, who’d play the other main character and what would the main plot line be? (Would it be a box office smash?!)

Okay used to always think that girl from the film "She's All That" Rachael Leigh Cook back in those days!! Now though it'd be Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame!  She does moody teen down to a fine art! LOL! 

9) You get a phone call from the Master of the Universe (the Goddess/God/whoever you believe in), they want to make some changes, what do you suggest?

No more HIV, AIDS, malaria and that sorta thing.
No more war.  
No more religion.
Sort out the poverty in the world!  It's sick in this day and age that there are people dying from lack of food or water.  DISGUSTING.    Rob from the rich bastards, and lets get the world fed and watered!!!   
Sort out the political correct/human rights madness!!!  It's way past the point of going too far!!!
Rich bastards - ie: your Bill Gates types, and mega-bucks actors/sports stars/musicians... basically those earning serious mega bucks like 1 million plus a year should give a TON of their earnings to charities - they don't NEED it.  Greedy bastards.  Who NEEDS 5 vacation homes!?   Even tho my Master of the Universe would've sorted out poverty, there'd always be other charitable needs.
I'd end global warming.  But I'd make Scotland have nicer Summers like the south coast of England say!

Okay that's about enough input from me on that one... ;)

10) And finally…there are two identical looking (wo)men: one is rich, will provide you everything you want but you have nothing in common. The other you hit it off with straight away but is poor and intends to remain that way. Which do you marry and why? (Yes you have to pick one!).

Of course the poor one.  It's fine.  My earnings and his poor job one would make for an okay standard of living. Nothing elaborate but we'd get by fine with enough for a holiday every year or two. Fine by me.  Much more important than endless wealth, and a loveless marriage.  It'd not make my happy on the INSIDE having all the external materialistic things with someone like that.

* * * * *

Question Time!!

1.  What did you want to be when you "grew up"?

2.  What was your favourite subject in school, and was it what subject you were best at?

3.  What is your favourite song of all time and why?

4.  If you could re-surrect someone back from the dead who would it be?

5.  You win £50,000 what would you do with it? (much harder Q than the winning lotto types... £50,000 isn't really THAT much in the grand scheme of things!).

6.  What was the best thing you've done so far this year?

7.  What one thing do you want to achieve by the end of the year?

8.  How did you get into blogging?

9.  Royal Family... yay or nay? and why?

10.  Last up... life is short!  What one thing that you've done (or failing that - WANT to do in life) would you suggest to me to do at least once in my life?

* * * * *

Okay taggin' time!!

(Livi who tagged me, comment YOUR answers to me! LOL! Know you've done this twice already...!)

Sarah Blissbubbley at her bloggy

and Super Single Mum!

and anyone else... so drop me a line if you fancy it!

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  1. I love that you'd ask the ruler of the universe for no religion! You may be the only person who'd get proof of religion and ask for it to go away!

  2. And I totally forgot to write my answers on that comment! so here we go:

    1)I've always wanted to be a Housewife and Mother
    2)Languages, all of them! And yes, they were my best subjects too, which was handy!
    3) changes so often! At the moment probably White Horse by Taylor Swift!
    4) My dad
    5) hmmm, buy a Mac! A car + driving lessons and put deposit on a house. Boom, money gone! (I'm good at making money disappear!)
    6) Starting voluntary work at Hope House, definitely.
    7) I want to actually make it to uni properly this year!
    8) That's a really good question...I honestly have no idea! I think it was a way to tell my parents/friends what I was doing...I think!
    9) Yay! They bring in tourism, Harry's pretty to look at and I think it encourages the class divide which I think is a good thing!
    10) Oh god! I'm hardly one to give advice like that! lol! Oooh, I know! Based on your comment on one of my posts I'd say you have to at least once find someone who you're so totally in love with that you just want to look at them and touch them and take them in.