Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Gallery - Nature

This week the Gallery's mission was to get us to show a photo or two of our wonderful NATURE!

I've been going through the gazillions of photographs that I've taken and the first one I'd like to show you all as is one of me and a fellow blogger enjoying nature.   This photograph was shot by my 6 year old son who is following in his Mummy's footsteps of being a photography lover!  It was taken a couple of weeks ago, during our trip down to Cheshire to visit - and stay with - Livi aka Princess L (find her blog HERE), the photo was taken on our last day when Livi was showing around her home town in all it's beauty.  I love this shot not just because it was taken in a beautiful setting, but because also of what it represents.  A friendship, that blossomed through Twitter and ended up in me and my son travelling from the Highlands of Scotland to Cheshire to finally meet up!  This is us by the river, and it was a gorgeous little spot of nature!

Nantwich til 26th July! 018

The next up are these eyrar of swans!  Yep apparently that's the collective name for these beauties.

Seen these last week, along the River Ness which flows through my city.  The most I've ever seen together before then had been three - this time there were FIFTEEN!


and last up, this gorgeous sunset shot I took a few weeks ago... this is a view along the River Ness up towards my house - which is along the banks of the Ness.  I took this photograph from one of the pedestrian bridges across the Ness.

River Ness Sunset

And last but not least... TREES.  I love trees too Tara!

Here's some acorn trees.  These trees are on the Ness Islands, which are islands on the River Ness.

Ness Islands Trees

Apart from the photograph of me and fellow Tweeter and Blogger - Livi, the other three pictures were all taken within a 20 minute walk from my house...

What a gorgeous world we live in!

Louise xXx


  1. When you get your hands on DSLR you are gonna be giving the heavy weights a run for their money!

  2. Hi Louise
    Your sunset photo is stunning really great shot - as you know I do love a goodxsunset! I also really love your tree photo you have captured their enormity really well and what a great green colour they are!
    I agree it is a gorgeous world :-)

  3. the tree shot does it for me Louise - and I too am coveting a Canon EOS.

  4. That sunset is amazing, oh my god what a picture! Clever lady xxx

  5. Wow, fantastic photograph of the sunset. Beautiful :)

  6. I also love the sunset photo ;)