Monday, 14 June 2010

Ready for Night Shift...

Ready for Night Shift...

I just laid out stuff to pack up for my night shift tonight.  This what I've got thus far...

1 can of Relentless Origins
1 litre bottle of Orange Juice
A container of Bran Flakes
1 tin of baked beans and a couple slices of bread
2 packets of crisps
2 pears
1 apple
1 cup of soup (chicken)
a heap of tea bags and couple of packets of coffee (not that I like the stuff but just in case...)
1 book - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (an Eclipse Novella) by Stephenie Meyer
1 iPhone
1 iPhone charger

Yes that will do!

* * * * *

I work in the operating rooms of my local hospital.  We are often rota'd onto night shifts, and the majority of us do 7 nights on/7 nights off.  This means for the next 7 days I'll work two weeks worth of hours - 75 hours, and next week I'll get a whole week off!  There is always an orthopaedic speciality scrub nurse on nights, and this week - that is me.  

I do enjoy night shifts... I've always been a night owl, even in primary school staying up half the night reading - much to my parents dismay! Boy they tried to get me to just go to sleep, but I would wait til they were sleeping and the light would just go back on... sometimes til 6am when Dad was getting up for work!  So therefore... night shifts don't bother me in that way. 

They are however stressful for me in getting childcare... a whole week to figure out who will mind my wee fella, making sure that person has uniforms etc for Daniel... it's a mission!  I'll often have to wake early and collect him from after school club then someone will collect from me before I start my shift at night.  

Night shifts can be hairy too... you never know what will rush through that door on nights.  You have to work tighter as team on nights.  Team work is vital.  Nights can be emotional.  You can work all through the night with hardly any "down time" and be exhausted by the morning, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

When we've not got cases, there's other things to do.  We stock up the theatres, we make sure all the theatres have all the trays of instruments etc that they require for the day set up by the day staff, and if they've not managed to do it, we'll get them set up for them.  We clean and we tidy.  There's nightshift "tasks" that we do every night too like putting the scope machine on a high clean/rinse with no scopes in it to clean it and other things.

When we've finished these things.. it's down time.

Nights are great for learning more about your co-workers... it's rare that for the whole 7 nights you'll be rushed off your feet.  There's often a lot of down time.  This time is great for learning more about the people you're working with, their lives, their personality, what makes them tick... and that I love!  

We will eat food... talk... laugh... maybe watch a DVD... read books, play games consoles/iPhones etc that have been brought in.  

Saturday night there is a tradition to buy in a takeaway meal as our treat for nearly being finished the weeks worth!  Everybody looks forward to the Saturday night takeaway... you need something to keep you going if you've had a rough heavy week of shifts.

So here's hoping it's a quiet set of night shifts about to begin...

but if not, I don't mind too much - I love my job!!!

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  1. Interesting insight into the night shift for nurses. Hope it's a good week!