Sunday, 9 May 2010

Honest Scrap!

Thank you to Livi for tagging me for this blog post!

The deal with this one is to tell 10 honest things about me so here goes!

1.  When I was younger, back in primary school, I thought by this stage in my life I'd be happily married with a house and garden and on my way to having a family with 4 children!  Currently, I'm a single mum of a 6 year old boy with about 75% certainty that I do not want any more children.  Funny how things just don't turn out how you think as a child.

2.  I'm a domestic UN-godess...  I detest housework!  I'm messy and cluttersome, and therefore the house hasn't ever been REALLY tidy.  Ever.  Actually it's usually quite messy!  Since we moved in here 4 years ago to this new build!

3.  I use a spreadsheet for my bills!  This became vital to survival when I became a single mum just a few months into my student nurse training!

4.  I'm gonna be an Auntie again soon!  Became one for the first time to Molly last February, and her parents - my brother and sister-in-law - are due another baby next weekend!

5.  I was bridesmaid twice last year, and those were the "first times" doing it.  Firstly for my brother and sister in law, and then for my mum and her new husband.

6.  I worked at Tesco supermarket for just under 11 years!  Started there when I was 16.  Did about a year and half on checkouts then transferred to the Petrol Filling Station for the remainder of my time there.

7.  I LOVE crisps.  Those are my downfall when it comes to trying to eat healthier (which I've been trying to last couple of months!) ... Mmmmm crisps!

8.  I can hulahoop, and very well too!!  I have a professional hula hoop and a "dance hoop" exercise DVD.

9.  I have a fear of flying, that I need to take diazepam for.  Believe me, it's required! Last time I tried to not take it and fly I ended up a wreck demanding to know how many years the pilot had flown for, and how many of those times had been in the rain!!  It was raining at the time, and I'd never flown in the rain before...

10.  I love energy drinks!!  Tesco Kick (or Kx as it's now called!) used to be my firm favourite, but now it's Relentless - especially the Inferno flavour, then the Origins one.  I don't drink these nowhere near as much as I used to.  Trying to be good!  Wish they did a diet version of Relentless though... have you SEEN the sugar content on those?!

L xXx

Tagging Time...!

Let me know if you want a good tagging ;) hehe

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