Wednesday, 7 April 2010

U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi... you UGLY! You UGLY!

This week over at Sticky Finger's The Gallery photograph workshop blogaroo, the theme was ugly.  Tricky one!  However when I started to think about what really WAS ugly in the world, I thought of one of the things that freak me out... mould and "foost" (fusty yuckness stuff!).  That lead me to think of, drum roll please......

I give you, my minging just emptied wheelie bin!!!

Oh my goodness it makes me feel quite icky looking at it...

There's no way on earth I'm ever going to CLEAN it though... god no no no!

You may think "But you work in operating theatres and see and touch many a disgusting thing....!".  Yes you are correct.  But I cannot and will not ever touch mould.  Got it!?  It just FREAKS ME OUT!  I know it's irrantional, and hell, penicillin stemmed from mould or whatever, but I don't care.  There's something about it that makes me feel all shuddery with revolt inside!  

If ever something falls down the back of the black bag in my kitchen bin, and I don't notice and it gets a bit mouldy - the bin goes in the wheelie bin! I'll buy another before I will clean it.  Though lately I've tried leaving said kitchen bin out in the rain overnight with the lid off... this SOMETIMES will make the mould/foost flush away when I empty it, if so way-hey saves me some cash on buying another, but if not - then it's into the wheelie bin it goes!

I'm weird.  I know.

Louise xXx


  1. Hmm that's a good choice. Should have thought of that one myself - I KNOW my wheelie bin would beat that. They get awful Ugly inside don't they?

  2. ROFL! very good choice, it is very ugly! You know you there are wheelie bin cleaners (well there are round here) that clean your bin for you, for a fee!

  3. Yep there used to be one in Inverness I used to see now and then. Think he went bust or something though.

    Wheelie bins are disgusting things! Why do things always end up on the bottom!?

  4. I couldnt even manage to take that image without vomitting!

  5. Y'know, you could save yourself a small fortune in kitchen bins with a little bit of tea-tree oil in some warm water....

    Just sayin'!

  6. Excellent choice. We ended up having maggots in ours once - that was horrific. I can't see wheelie bins without shuddering now. *Shudder*

  7. Julie B -
    Maggots!! OMG the things of nightmares!!!!! Been scared of them since seen them as a kid.

    However I DID apply larvae (maggot) therapy to a patients wound 2 years ago during my nurse training without fear or repulsion! I am a freak.

  8. Dotterel...

    Would I not need to touch the bin at all? No wiping required with this stuff? If so, I sooo need to figure out where to get my hands on tea tree oil and do that. At about £20 a pop, these bins aren't cheap! Don't buy any bin more expensive than that because I know it'll be wasted from mouldy foost yuck!

  9. Well if you ever need a new bin then Tesco do a nice range and they are less than £20....

    I tagged you over at mine today -

  10. Minging! Mine looks like that, too. Definitely a man's job, cleaning out the bin. That's what I tell my hubby, anyway! x

  11. I cannot stand mould likewise. If there is even the tiniest bit on a piece of bread I wont even eat it! Ugh! Makes me shiver at the thought of it!

  12. I hate our bin! And I too find it ugly!! I always to beg the OH to deal with it!!