Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Plastic Joy Award!

This award was created by Tattooed Mummy over at her blog... She states:

"If you are awarded the Plastic Joy award you must list 5 fictional characters that ‘you would’ (you know what I’m talking about! Don’t pretend and stop sniggering at the back, I’ll speak to you after class) these should be the real character not ‘actors’ who play the characters on TV (so no David Tennant!!) but actually fictional characters themselves. You can expand on ‘why’ if you like but you can also just list them. (and leave us to comment and wonder!)".

I'd seen this award a few times before the lovely Livi at her blog Livi's Little Bubble nominated me to do it (yay!! thank you!!), and I was so excited as I'd already thought about it a bit, and here we go I'm going for it, straight away... 'cause this is fun!!

* * * * *

1. Edward Cullen (Twilight Saga).


Who can help but to fall in love with this character?  Swoons.  This guy is not only totally gorgeous, but has old fashioned values, charm, charisma, passion, commitment, manners, even down to his dress sense, the man is picture perfect.  And when he loves, he loves with every fibre of his being - every single molecule of himself.  He's also got a really close family.  This, I like too.  Adds to him.  

So what he's a vampire... he can make you one too and together you could live til the end of time wrapped up in each others "undying" (geddit?!) love... Swoons again...

Team Edward all the way!!

Oh giggidy giggidy... (you know it!).

2. Chandler Bing (Friends).

He's so funny and witty, cute as hell and loveable!! 

He'd make you laugh so much!  But on the other hand too, he's so loyal and would always be there for you - and your friends!  

This guy is never gonna complain about hanging out with your mates... he'd join right in!  

He'd be a loyal, fantastic partner to build a life with, a passionate lover, and your best friend all rolled into one!  Sounds damn good to me!

3.  Gregory House (Dr House - House).

The man is sexy... and he oozes confidence.  That's a turn on! 

He's the lovable rogue.  The one that you shouldn't fancy nor be with, but you want to anyway!  Even if it's just one quick roll in the hay.  Most girls like the idea of a "bad boy" and Dr. House fits the bill here!  
He's also got that "older man" thing down to a tee... Mmm... 

He is also extremely intelligent - well actually the man's a genius! That also floats my boat.  Even more so that he's also a medical genius... we have the medical field in common.  I like this.  He can also play the piano and guitar... oh yes.  Even has that goin' on!

  He's also in need of someone to mend him... he's a broken man.  He needs a good woman to help him.

His pay packet surely too, has to be a bonus.  Money's not everything but if he's got it... well... I'm not gonna say no to it!

4. Pacey Witter (Dawson's Creek).

I was definately on "Team Pacey" back in my teen years, about a decade before this "Team" fad hit.  This coming of age drama, was just what I needed at the time where I was coming of age myself.  I related to the characters, and wished I could speak my heart like they could, and had such close friends to be part of my life.  Just needs a girl to believe in him, to help be the best man he can be... (me me!!).

He's lovable, funny, he's cute, and he's just got that "aura" around him... something.  Definately got that something. He's loyal as hell, and so sweet too.  Remember him and Andie??  Oh gosh, sooo adorable!  And he was there for her when she needed him the most.  He fought for her health and happiness.  I loved him and Andie so much, but when he and Joey first started what was to become their relationship, I was just cheering so bad for them that it actually ached a little in my heart (sad but true!!!).  When they split I actually stopped watching the show due to my heart breaking just a lil.  I have the box set and have never been able to watch it past that point!!  Still even now, at the grand age of 28 (though I was 27 when I last tried to watch it all!).  Nor do I know what happens in the show so please no spoilers!

Back in my teens watching this show, I felt he was the type of guy I'd love to be with.

5.  Jack Dawson (Titanic).
5. Fox Mulder (X-Files).

5. Adam Williams (Cold Feet) (James Nesbitt).

I struggled with the final place in my Plastic Joy award!! My boyfriend was even hindering helping me last night about it.  His suggestion was mainly Guy Secretan from The Green Wing (no thank you!!).  However whilst talking to him last night, all of a sudden I remembered Adam in Cold Feet and knew he would be my final 5th member.

I love Cold Feet. I own the box set and have watched it quite a few times!  Adam is yet another lovable rogue character, but his heart is actually so sweet, and how much he loves Rachel is sooo sweet.  He's got the twinkly mischief cheeky chappy eyes, and cheeky smile, and also... dreamy Irish accent and charm!  He's a great friend, and funny, and loves his woman with a passion.  Oh yes, I'll take him please!!

* * * * *

Wow that was a LOT of fun, and I spent far too much time on it thinking, fantasising and drooling over pictures to choose for alongside this!

Who cares if no-one reads this post?  Not me!  It was too much fun.

Mmmmmm.... Edward.....

Oh okay I'm meant to tag people!! (I'm useless at this!!).

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Kerry over at And Then All I Thought About Was You

Sarah over at Sarah's blog

Dara at Readily A Parent

Thank you Livi!!



  1. Ooh greg House was on my list at first too - but he got bumped for Jame T Kirk! ;)

  2. How did I know that shiny, emo, "vampire" would get in there!
    Totally agree with Chandler, he's great :) Think that'd the only one I agree with though! hehe!
    Glad you enjoyed doing it, I loved it too! It's good to research gorgeous men!

    p.s. you linked to my old blog!

  3. Oops, that's coz I started this posting a few days before when you still HAD your old blog hehe... I'll go edit and change it after I post this.

    And James T Kirk over House! Are you MAD!? hehe!

  4. Mmmmmm.... House!! ;) I really dont care that he's old enough to be my Father - I still wouldn't say no!! ;)