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Kreativ Blogger

 Welcome to my Kreativ Blogger...
This is a simple one (or not so!) as I've to tell you 7 things I've not told on here before!

I kinda got behind in my award blogs as I was pretty busy for a while!  So thank you to the lovely ladies who nominated me for this one:


Fabby Dara at Readily A Parent who has quite a quirky take on this task!


* * * * *

1. TV shows must be watched in chronological order!

Yes this is a major thing for me haha... but I just CAN'T start watching a TV show from anywhere else but the very beginning!  I'm the same with films.  What is the point in starting watching one mid-way through?? I just can't understand why anyone would... it baffles me!

I do love to watch TV series though, and do watch quite a few...  House, Lie to Me, Bones,  Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, Cougar Town, Trauma and Rescue Me.  Those are my current ones airing that I'm watching! Phew!  I do love my TV series...

2.  I electrocuted my younger brother.

We were both in primary school and my Dad was cutting the back garden's grass.  We lived in a flat at the time where we had the top floor, and someone else had the bottom floor.  Our back garden was behind THEIR back garden at the back of the flat... and our garden was huuuuuge!  Made it terribly difficult to cut the grass.

Dad run a few extension leads from my bedroom window (which was in the middle) down the the garden and lawnmower.  He asked me to go plug it in so he could join a few together.  However I turned it on at the mains too, as I just couldn't be bothered having to return all the way up afterwards to turn it on!  My brother to plug the lawnmower into the extension leads... and BANG.  He was electrocuted... and was quite a big jolt he got too!!  It gave us all a fright, though I'm guessing it scared HIM the most since he was on the receiving end!

Oh boy did I get a row for that one!  He was okay though... promise!  He's here to tell the tale... and rub my nose in it, at any opportunity!  

3.  I have Spheksophobia!!

I have a phobia of wasps... but before you think anything let me tell you why...

As a child in primary school some friends and I were playing hide and go tig, and I was running and I stepped into this little small bush by mistake... BIG mistake.  I stepped right through a hive.  Now that will really piss the buggers off!! I had hundreds of wasps stinging me all over, but mainly my legs that blasted through their home.  The rest then swarmed me... they followed me, stinging me all the way as I run home screaming... hundreds of the f**kers!!!  My poor mum had to fight off the wasps as she stripped me off and got me into the bath to get the wasps off me.  I had scarring for years from the multitude of stings I got.  I think I'm lucky though... with the amount of stings I got, I could've went into anaphylactic shock though and it could've been game over for me! 

Now am I allowed to have this fear? I think I'm entitled! hehe.

4.  My son was named after a character in a film...

In 1992 when I was 11 years old my Mum and I went to see Forever Young, starring Mel Gibson in the cinema.  I'd never heard the name Daniel before (Gibson's character) and just fell in love with the name there and then, and vowed my first born child would be named Daniel.  11 years later I got my wish!

I also love that film, the storyline, the true love lasting a lifetime thing, and Mel Gibson is truly gorgeous in it!

5. My first ever computer was a ZX Spectrum

When I look at Daniel playing the wii I just think, wow... when *I* was his age, the Spectrum hadn't even been invented.  When I was in Primary School when the Spectrum came out, I would've never dreamed that gaming would get to this sort of advancement!

Our family loved the Spectrum so much though, that we ended up having to get a second as we were always fighting over it!

I loved "Rockstar Ate My Hamster".  That was one of my favourites!  I also became a fan of simulation games back then... when it was really only football manager type games.  I love the Sims etc nowadays, but I also still enjoy football manager games and play Football Manager on my PC!

My Mum was a mad "Dizzy" series fan.  Remember Dizzy!?  He was awesome!!!

6.  I have held a tarantula and held open a ball python snake's jaws.

I started going out with my longest-term boyfriend on my 15th birthday (dated just short of 6 years), and he had a tarantula at the time.  He also had an iguana then too that I held.  

I held his tarantula... let it walk along my hands... it was prickly hairy and gave me the shudders even though I'm not scared of spiders!  It still went through my mind... "this is a freaking TARANTULA wifie!!!!"

He ended up getting two snakes too and a gecko when we lived together, but the iguana and tarantula had died by then.

The ball python called Boba (boh-bah) escaped when we lived in a bedsit... a couple of other tenants moved out knowing Boba was on the loose!  Luckilly the landlord was my boyfriends half-brother's Dad so he didn't chuck us out.  When he found Boba several months later, he told us and we collected him, half dead.  

I had to call in work to tell them I'd be late in as I was babysitting a python on it's death bed (well it was on a heat mat)... as my boyfriend was literally RUNNING to the pet shop where he knew the guy in there who dealt with the exotic animals, for advice etc.  For the next month or so, til Boba regained his strength we had to force feed him food and water.  I had to hold his head and prize open his jaws as my boyfriend forced cubes of food down his poor throat, and syringed water into him.  Boba lived!! It was actually extremely rewarding!

7.  I am EXTREMELY messy...

Everyone who knows me "in real life" knows this fact, though I don't think I've really mentioned it here on my blog.  I am messy.  I am disorganised.  I am a hoarder.  Terrible mix of traits!  Though in the past year I've been TRYING to organise the house, and declutter it... I even chucked out the majority of my school stuff.  I had tons of jotters etc going back to primary school.

I really wish I had a magic wand, as I'd ask to pleaaaaaaaaaaaase not be messy anymore!

Louise x

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

What's in my handbag?

17th April 2010
I got nominated by my good online friend Livi.  Check out hers here... clicky click!

Okay... good day for this!  Just in the door from an afternoon road trip with my Dad and my son out to Cullen area of Scotland.  Home of Cullen Skink icky rank (in my opinion anyway!) fish soup!  This place now however, just reminds me of Twilight.  Doesn't take much these days.  I'm getting to be such a Twihard!  My ancestors lived in this area in the 1800's so we went there gravehunting as the main objective, but also just did a wee bit of scooting aboot having a nosy, like down to the harbours etc.  So pretty!

Son is now outside playing with the two kid neighbour pals of his, so I thought I'd catch up on the blogging tags I'd been given.  I've not yet disturbed the bag since I got in...

You'll soon see the messy, disorganised hoarder that I am!!!

Bag would normally be WORSE but only had it just over a week.  It's the brand Atticus - a brand founded by Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus of blink-182, my favourite band.

We have:

2 bottles flavoured water by MacB.

Madrid purse my boyfriend bought for me in February from Madrid airport after my purse was nicked on the metro just outside the airport when we were on our way home!

pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones

iPhone 3GS

business card for the City Cafe Birmingham.  The cafe in the City Inn that I stayed in when on my course at beginning of this week!

the cover for my room card for the hotel!

Train tickets and national rail wallet from my journey!

Passport.  Had this on me in Birmingham for ID!  I'm 28 but still routinely get carded!

1 chocolate chunk and pecan biscuit stolen from hotel room as hadn't eaten it.

The courtesy soap unwrapped in wrapper from hotel room...

ID card from the course, minus the lanyard as it'd fallen off it.

can of Relentless Origin.  Inferno is my favourite, but this was all my old work (a Tesco petrol station) had on the petrol fill up at the end of the journey.  Meant to be off these now, but am exhausted as was up til 4.30am yacking to mate Jason who was over for a catch up and help me host my own blog!  It's still not quite activated yet, so this'll not be posted til it is.

Prescription sunglasses in case.

Burberry Brit female spray perfume.  Christmas present from my boyfriend.  I thought "I'm not a chav!" when opened it, but it does smell really nice!

1 mascara
1 lipstick
1 hairbrush
1 liquid eyeliner
1 eyeshadow combo
1 eyeshadow brush

1 tissue
2 pens

1 pair of scissors. 1 empty 8GB HDSD card case.  1 Panasonic Lumix TZ7. Needed these for the trip today!  The card is a new one as my 4GB old one just wasn't cutting it lol.

various receipts!

£1.05 in change fallen from purse.

1 stray tab of chewing gum that'd fallen from the pack.

Pack of chewing gum, half used.

 I love this new Atticus bag of mine!

Normally it'd have been worse....

Louise xXx

Passing the buck to...

The lovely Sarah over at her blog Sarah's


fabulous Super Single Mummy!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The day I thought I'd killed my child.

Josie over at Sleep is for the Weak does an amazing Writing Workshop that I've started taking part in lately.
For this weeks Writing workshop I have chosen the following prompt:

"2. Write about a time when you felt, or you felt someone you loved, was in real danger.".

* * * * *

As some of you will know, my son Daniel was an extremely colicky baby.  I also had severe post-natal depression and his Dad had got called up to Iraq (he is in the Territorial Army) and so mid way though my pregnancy he went off for training.  He only just got home for a couple of days by chance, and caught the emergency c-section birth of our child.  D was in the special care baby unit for a week as he was only 4lbs 4oz when he was born at 38 weeks because of IUGR.

You may think now, that I'm going to talk about fear for his father when he was in Iraq... but I'm not.  Yes I was fearful of him out there, but nothing compared to a certain incident that happened when he was away.

I dropped Daniel down the stairs when he was tiny.  There I've said it.  

It was an accident.  

We lived at home with my parents, thankfully, as he never slept much at all... seemed he liked to doze on and off rather than do the full sleeping thing because of the extreme colic.  Mum, Dad and I used to look after him in stints sometimes through the night when he was really bad.  It was either that or none of us slept whilst he cried the house down.

One morning after a rough night with him I was walking him downstairs, exhausted and zombie-like.  Mum and Dad were in the kitchen getting ready for Mum going to work - Dad always drove her when he was at home.  As I half asleep walked down the stairs, I didn't notice my cat was sat on the stairs.  He must've been fearful that I was going to step on him, so he darted up the stairs - right between my legs.

It happened so fast.

I tripped over the cat between my legs and Daniel FLEW from my arms down the stairs landing at the bottom as I managed to not follow him down the stairs...  Daniel cried.  I screamed.  My parents flew from the kitchen and Dad screamed something bad at me.  I was petrified, and it was all my fault.  

I bolted.  

Yes... I flew from the house and ran down the street in floods of tears thinking the worst, and it was all my fault!  I managed it half way down the hill at the side of our street before the distress meant I could run no further.  My dad run down the street behind me, and took me home.  

We bundled Daniel into his car seat and drove to the hospital with him.  He was breathing, but what damage had been done?  I didn't even think at the time of NOT moving him.  Everyone was in a panic, and distressed and not knowing what to do.  I was also feeling even more like a terrible mother.  I felt bad enough because of the post natal depression and not being able to bond with him.  Now I'd dropped him down the stairs.  What kind of mother could allow that to happen?  They'd take him away from me now for sure.  I was sure they'd been waiting to do that anyway.  The post-natal depression gave me that paranoia, that the medical professionals were all out to get me.  At any time they'd pounce and take D away.  Well, now I'd given them their chance.  Especially if they found out I run away like a child... FROM my child, who may well have been breathing his last breaths.

I'll never forget the shame when I had to say what happened and why we were there... to the receptionist, and probably others in the waiting room who may have heard... and to the doctors...

However their reaction surprised me with "these things happen", "it's not your fault", "don't feel bad" and even "I once had a baby in who rolled off the kitchen worktop when their mummy was changing them", and "Babies are resilient.  They tend to bounce.  If it were you or me we'd have tensed up on the fall down, and that's worse.  Babies however, will bounce as they remain at ease".  They were too kind.  However this made me feel worse.  I didn't
deserve their kindness.  I could have killed him.

Even whilst they were doing their examinations I was expecting social services to come.  I was expecting bad news.  I was expecting that there'd be something wrong with him, and that I caused it.  It was an agonising time.  The fear, the guilt, the paranoia, the sadness, the "what ifs".

When Daniel got the all clear the relief was immense.  He was going to be fine!  

Even as Dad and I walked with D out of the hospital I expected a tap on the shoulder and turn to be confronted by social services!  

I'll never forget that day.

I was petrified for my son.  I thought I'd killed him. 

Definately the scariest moments in my life.

Looking back now, I still feel guilt, but I don't blame myself any more.  I've moved past the post-natal paranoia now, and can look back and see it really was just an accident.  However I am a mother, and so of course, I'll always feel guilty about it... both about dropping him in the first place, but actually more guilt from abandoning him when he needed me most.  But my little boy was fine.  I can't even remember him getting any bruises from his ordeal!  Though I'll always carry some mental bruising from that day.

Louise x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

How to confuse your child.

I changed my parting from my side parting that I've used for many years, back to a side parting.  Partly because of the recent scalp psoriasis breakout that I've been suffering and trying to cure for the last month!  Partly because I have been wearing the front hair parts plaited and clipped up.  Looks quite nice, and different (for me) and keeps my long and desperately needing cut hair out my face!

However, Daniel noticed this hair parting the other day.



"You've got a white line down your head.... that means it's gonna crack open...".  With this he holds his hands in front of him, and opens them like a book and makes a "ccraaaaaaaacccckkkk" noise.

"... and then you'll be dead!!".

I laughed so hard!!  Couldn't actually reply to him, that no, my head was not going to "crack open", and explain what a parting was for a while!  Laughing came first.  Poor child... but it was too funny!

L x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi... you UGLY! You UGLY!

This week over at Sticky Finger's The Gallery photograph workshop blogaroo, the theme was ugly.  Tricky one!  However when I started to think about what really WAS ugly in the world, I thought of one of the things that freak me out... mould and "foost" (fusty yuckness stuff!).  That lead me to think of, drum roll please......

I give you, my minging just emptied wheelie bin!!!

Oh my goodness it makes me feel quite icky looking at it...

There's no way on earth I'm ever going to CLEAN it though... god no no no!

You may think "But you work in operating theatres and see and touch many a disgusting thing....!".  Yes you are correct.  But I cannot and will not ever touch mould.  Got it!?  It just FREAKS ME OUT!  I know it's irrantional, and hell, penicillin stemmed from mould or whatever, but I don't care.  There's something about it that makes me feel all shuddery with revolt inside!  

If ever something falls down the back of the black bag in my kitchen bin, and I don't notice and it gets a bit mouldy - the bin goes in the wheelie bin! I'll buy another before I will clean it.  Though lately I've tried leaving said kitchen bin out in the rain overnight with the lid off... this SOMETIMES will make the mould/foost flush away when I empty it, if so way-hey saves me some cash on buying another, but if not - then it's into the wheelie bin it goes!

I'm weird.  I know.

Louise xXx

The Plastic Joy Award!

This award was created by Tattooed Mummy over at her blog... She states:

"If you are awarded the Plastic Joy award you must list 5 fictional characters that ‘you would’ (you know what I’m talking about! Don’t pretend and stop sniggering at the back, I’ll speak to you after class) these should be the real character not ‘actors’ who play the characters on TV (so no David Tennant!!) but actually fictional characters themselves. You can expand on ‘why’ if you like but you can also just list them. (and leave us to comment and wonder!)".

I'd seen this award a few times before the lovely Livi at her blog Livi's Little Bubble nominated me to do it (yay!! thank you!!), and I was so excited as I'd already thought about it a bit, and here we go I'm going for it, straight away... 'cause this is fun!!

* * * * *

1. Edward Cullen (Twilight Saga).


Who can help but to fall in love with this character?  Swoons.  This guy is not only totally gorgeous, but has old fashioned values, charm, charisma, passion, commitment, manners, even down to his dress sense, the man is picture perfect.  And when he loves, he loves with every fibre of his being - every single molecule of himself.  He's also got a really close family.  This, I like too.  Adds to him.  

So what he's a vampire... he can make you one too and together you could live til the end of time wrapped up in each others "undying" (geddit?!) love... Swoons again...

Team Edward all the way!!

Oh giggidy giggidy... (you know it!).

2. Chandler Bing (Friends).

He's so funny and witty, cute as hell and loveable!! 

He'd make you laugh so much!  But on the other hand too, he's so loyal and would always be there for you - and your friends!  

This guy is never gonna complain about hanging out with your mates... he'd join right in!  

He'd be a loyal, fantastic partner to build a life with, a passionate lover, and your best friend all rolled into one!  Sounds damn good to me!

3.  Gregory House (Dr House - House).

The man is sexy... and he oozes confidence.  That's a turn on! 

He's the lovable rogue.  The one that you shouldn't fancy nor be with, but you want to anyway!  Even if it's just one quick roll in the hay.  Most girls like the idea of a "bad boy" and Dr. House fits the bill here!  
He's also got that "older man" thing down to a tee... Mmm... 

He is also extremely intelligent - well actually the man's a genius! That also floats my boat.  Even more so that he's also a medical genius... we have the medical field in common.  I like this.  He can also play the piano and guitar... oh yes.  Even has that goin' on!

  He's also in need of someone to mend him... he's a broken man.  He needs a good woman to help him.

His pay packet surely too, has to be a bonus.  Money's not everything but if he's got it... well... I'm not gonna say no to it!

4. Pacey Witter (Dawson's Creek).

I was definately on "Team Pacey" back in my teen years, about a decade before this "Team" fad hit.  This coming of age drama, was just what I needed at the time where I was coming of age myself.  I related to the characters, and wished I could speak my heart like they could, and had such close friends to be part of my life.  Just needs a girl to believe in him, to help be the best man he can be... (me me!!).

He's lovable, funny, he's cute, and he's just got that "aura" around him... something.  Definately got that something. He's loyal as hell, and so sweet too.  Remember him and Andie??  Oh gosh, sooo adorable!  And he was there for her when she needed him the most.  He fought for her health and happiness.  I loved him and Andie so much, but when he and Joey first started what was to become their relationship, I was just cheering so bad for them that it actually ached a little in my heart (sad but true!!!).  When they split I actually stopped watching the show due to my heart breaking just a lil.  I have the box set and have never been able to watch it past that point!!  Still even now, at the grand age of 28 (though I was 27 when I last tried to watch it all!).  Nor do I know what happens in the show so please no spoilers!

Back in my teens watching this show, I felt he was the type of guy I'd love to be with.

5.  Jack Dawson (Titanic).
5. Fox Mulder (X-Files).

5. Adam Williams (Cold Feet) (James Nesbitt).

I struggled with the final place in my Plastic Joy award!! My boyfriend was even hindering helping me last night about it.  His suggestion was mainly Guy Secretan from The Green Wing (no thank you!!).  However whilst talking to him last night, all of a sudden I remembered Adam in Cold Feet and knew he would be my final 5th member.

I love Cold Feet. I own the box set and have watched it quite a few times!  Adam is yet another lovable rogue character, but his heart is actually so sweet, and how much he loves Rachel is sooo sweet.  He's got the twinkly mischief cheeky chappy eyes, and cheeky smile, and also... dreamy Irish accent and charm!  He's a great friend, and funny, and loves his woman with a passion.  Oh yes, I'll take him please!!

* * * * *

Wow that was a LOT of fun, and I spent far too much time on it thinking, fantasising and drooling over pictures to choose for alongside this!

Who cares if no-one reads this post?  Not me!  It was too much fun.

Mmmmmm.... Edward.....

Oh okay I'm meant to tag people!! (I'm useless at this!!).

v v v v v

Kerry over at And Then All I Thought About Was You

Sarah over at Sarah's blog

Dara at Readily A Parent

Thank you Livi!!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

The time to save you...

I must pre-warn you that this story of events is pretty morbid, and not going to be easy reading, so if you wish avert your eyes and leave if you wish now...

* * * * * 

When I first started trying to think of something to do this weeks Writing Workshop on, from the topics listed, all I could think of was the first one - what I'd do in a "free" hour, and I knew then what I'd want to do in an ideal world where I could have an hour... I'd wish I had the time to save one of my Mother's best friends.  I'd been thinking of her and another person I knew who passed before their time, just yesterday, before looking at these topics.  I still don't know if I'll post this or not, but Livi said to me on Twitter perhaps it will be therapeutic for me to do so, so I'm giving it a go.  Whether it shall be submitted is something I won't know until I finish and look back at it all.

My mother's friend was sadly taken from us in 2006, by a man she thought was a friend of hers.  She was wrong.  He was an animal.  He took her from us in a horrific attack and buried her body in his garden after prizing her rings from her fingers.  I won't go into great details about what he did to her and just say that the pathologist stated her injuries were like a climber may have suffered after a mountain fall. He is pure evil.  A monster. However, I am thankful that justice is being served and that man is currently rotting in jail for 14 years for her horrific murder.

She was a tortured lady, with many problems, which had led her to the path of alcoholism.  She was lovely, kind and really funny too!  Everybody liked her, and she seemed to just get on with everybody.  I don't think she was the type to be wary of others... she was too kind and at the time, a very vulnerable person.  

I remember her before the alcohol took great effect on her life.  She was such a joy!  Both my mother and I worked with her in the same place at the time, and she was such fun!  She went off travelling for a while, working abroad, living the "good life".  However she came back changed, and her life altered.  I'm not sure if she was a big drinker before going abroad, but think she may have been - but it hadn't taken hold of her life then.

The best memory I have of her, is my Mother and I going to her house for haircuts one day.  I have masses of thick hair, and she cut it to my shoulders.  There was a lot of hair chopped off that day.  When she had finished and brushed it up into a pile - it looked just like a long haired guinea pig sat on her livingroom carpet!!  We laughed so much at that... it really did look just like one!  She took a photograph of this "guinea pig" and she gave me a copy of the photograph a while later.  When I think of her, this is what I still think of first... then how she's no longer with us and the reasons why hit me like a brick.  She's forever gone.

If I had a spare hour in this universe, I'd spend it on her.  It wasn't her time.  She should have had time to overcome her addictions, and to finally be happy... I wish she'd have been able to find her peace in life, instead of in death as I feel, if there is something else out there after life, then she will be happy there, and untroubled and finally free from her burdens she had in life.  

In my free hour I'd have been there, stopping her from entering that animals house.  I don't care what I'd have had to do to stop her, but I would have spent that hour doing my damndest to prevent her from making the biggest, and ultimately final mistake in her troubled life.  She deserved better.  She deserved LIFE.

Rest in peace lovely one... you may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.

L x

* * * * *

I really did find this therapeutic to write about this... she was a wonderful lady and I was only just thinking of her again yesterday. I think of her often, and she'll forever be in my heart.  Sometimes I'll see someone in the street and think "Oh it's ...." then remember it can't be her.  Sometimes I'll think I hear her in a crowd, then sadly a split second or two later realise I'm wrong.

This subject may be something a lot of people would never talk about, but why not?  I'm going to post this, as why should murder be a taboo type subject?  Unfortunately in this cruel world we inhabit, murder happens.  If you're lucky you'll never be affected by it... and I hope you never are.  

The River Ness is the view from my home.

I was excited when I seen the prompt for this weeks The Gallery.  The prompt was "Outside my front door".

 I live along the River Ness which flows from Loch Ness though my city of Inverness.  I went along the river to meet a couple of friends for a walk around the Ness Islands.  These are two islands in the middle of the river, connected by footbridges.  I took my camera to snap a couple of shots for The Gallery.  I didn't get my favourite buildings BEFORE the Castle on my walk, as I was as usual, running late for meeting near the castle.

Clicking these photographs will let you see them in a larger size.

This is Inverness Castle, which I can see in the distance from my kitchen window.

This is Ness Bank Church, built in 1901 in the early gothic revival style:

The following two photographs are of our unfinished St. Andrew's Cathedral, which is also on the banks of the River Ness.  It was built in the 1860's and consecrated in 1874.  The second picture, I took with a special setting on the camera, and I quite like it, so included it hoping someone else would too!


The next couple of photographs were taken on the islands in the middle of the River Ness.


The last one there of the trees was included for the fellow Twilight fans, as this picture reminded me of Forks when I seen it.  Does it to you? LOL.

Okay and last but not least, a picture taken on my iPhone of some river visitors in front of my house!

And oh, and another extra (sorry!) - just because I love this picture!
This is what kinda views I get along the river when it's foggy...

Well that's The Gallery done and dusted for another week!  I was late this week in putting mine up due to the flooding down in England totally flooding the exchange my internet service provider uses, so I had no internet at all for a couple of days.

Check out The Gallery and see the other posts (and perhaps join in?) by clicking the linky... HERE!