Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Parallel - on the opposite side of the - world

As I sat alone sipping on my glass of white wine I found myself breaking into a smile, I found this amusing and started to laugh. I never would have thought I'd actually be able to make such a big change in my life. So bold a decision. So unlike me - Little Miss Indecisive.

I put down the book I was reading, and sipped some more wine thinking how lucky I was to be here, living the dream. I was lucky. I smiled again when I remembered peoples reactions to my choice. A lot were supportive, but there were also so many who told me I was crazy and that I'd never go through with it! The latter group pushed me into proving them wrong. I know if everyone was supportive and nicey nicey about it, that I may have not taken the plunge! I love to prove people wrong... I wouldn't let that group of people tell me "I told you so". I was as grateful to them as I was to the supportive people. Both of them got me here today.

A few years ago, I set about making 2010 the year of change for me. I made quite a lot of New Years Resolutions and was determined that I would achieve them all. I set myself in training for a fresh way of thinking, and a new way of living. Making the most of my life. You only get one life. This was mine, and I wanted to live it and love it. I'd started making the changes and never looked back.

This life choice was only meant to be for a year, but I'd been here for two years and a Summer and just couldn't imagine going back now... maybe not ever. This was one experience I felt may be a keeper... I was happy and radiant, living and loving my life - surely that was one of life's main goals?

I was lost in my thoughts as I sipped my wine on the patio overlooking the ocean, watching and listening to the waves crash against the shore. I could not believe this house was my home; couldn't believe Australia was my home.

I didn't hear him approach until he was right beside me wrapping his arms around me to hug me from behind. "Hey honey, Daniel's just gone upstairs to get changed... fancy the beach?". I turned to my boyfriend and grinned as my son came hurtling through the house towards us on the patio goading "Last one to the beach is a loser!" and my boyfriend and I laughed and sprung up, and started running...

* * * * * * * * * * *

This was my first ever blog for a Writing Workshop.

The topic was "Imagine there is another ‘you’, living in a parallel universe."

Check out the workshop by clicking here.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I really enjoyed writing this blog, although I found it quite difficult too. I started thinking about what to write it on whilst walking my son to school this morning. I've always fancied the idea of living somewhere hot... I love the sun, heat and brightness of warm countries! Australia's always been an option for me, as far back as I remember, because I knew I wanted to be a nurse and that you could work overseas in this profession. A couple of phone calls to Australian nursing organisations would set the balls in motion for this to become an actuality for us. However, I don't think I could ever actually do it. I think I'd miss my family at home too much, and I'd also not like to separate Daniel from his Father. My boyfriend also doesn't like the heat much... or should I say - it doesn't like him! He fries like bacon!

Louise x


  1. Really good post :) Well done!
    I'd love to visit Oz, not sure about living there, but I have family who I've never met out there and some friends who upped and left too!
    Looking forward to your next writing workshop post :P

  2. I'd love to live somewhere that's really warm the majority of the time, and to live right next to a beach where you could sit and watch the ocean, or hear the ocean when you're lying in bed at night... blissful! =)