Thursday, 18 March 2010

Colour... "and it was all Yellow..."

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This photograph was chosen from my photograph collection to submit as my first The Gallery blog post. This is a photograph workshop blog you can find here.

The topic was "Colour".

This is the silhouette of the statue of Flora MacDonald, the Jacobite that helped save Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Battle of Culloden. This statue is situated at Inverness Castle, here in my home city in Scotland. The sun is setting behind her, and there is a trail from an airplane above her. This was taken by myself in January 2007.

I love this photograph. I have it enlarged and in a frame on my livingroom wall. I'm not even too sure why I love it so much, but as soon as I took this photograph I knew it had to be framed and on my wall. I also painted my livingroom wall a pale yellowy colour that ties in to the colour of this photograph very well!

L x


  1. That is an amazing photo! Well done. I would have put it on my wall too! I like the idea of painting your walls to match the photo rather than matching artwork to the paint as most people probably do!

  2. Thank you! I love the fact that this pic is of an unusual angle of Flora too, not the traditional from the front viewpoint.

  3. Beautiful silhouette, I particularly like the glow around Flora, which is presumably from the dun behind her. It makes her look angelic!

  4. Thanks Marc, yep the sun was setting behind her =)

  5. ooooh very pretty! You've set the standard high for yourself now!

  6. I love photography, have tons of pics I've taken hehe....