Friday, 26 February 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010

I am often talking about my New Years Resolutions on twitter, so I thought, ya know... "blog 'em!". This has, of course, the added benefit of just linking to this post when folk ask me about them *wink*.


So... last year I decided to start doing New Years Resolutions - and sticking to them as best I could! So in 2009 I started small. I had just four...

1. Pay off loan early! (Was due to end mid 2010. Had to take this loan out for deposit on buying my home).
2. Get finances in check (credit card/catalogues etc).
3. Stop smoking.
4. Start driving lessons.

I managed 3 of the 4.

I hadn't started my driving lessons due to all the cash going to resolutions 1 and 2!

Paid off loan early and all my catalogues and my credit card - and started putting at least £100 into a savings account each month.

Stopped smoking at the end of the year... though I only smoked about 3-5 a day unless out drinking, so don't save much money stopping when you smoke that little!

2010 resolutions...

1. Start driving lessons - and pass this year!

2. Get out and do more things, and see more things! LIVE life!

3. Spend more quality time doing things with my son, Daniel.

4. Sort out direct debit for £ going into Daniel's child trust fund, and pay additional extras into it now and then for when he hits 18.

5. Keep putting £100+ a month into savings account - this will be used for a car!

6. Do my "secret project" ... something I've always wanted to do, but nobody knows about. Nope... no-one. That may change but for now it's remaining a secret.

7. Delete and block all the pointless yet addictive facebook game apps I spent too much time using! (Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World and Medical Madness).

8. Finally get around to going on the boat tours right here in Inverness that I've always wanted to but never gotten my finger out to actually go and DO! These are the Jacobite Cruise and the Moray Firth Dolphin tour. I love dolphins.. we have them pretty much a 15 minute walk from my house, but I've never seen them there! This year I plan to make that happen! If not on the cruise, I'll stalk the point til I do! hehe.

Update on how 2010's are coming along...

It's coming up to the end of February now, and they're coming along really well already! I'm pleased with myself. Just shows you, that if you really put your mind to something then you can pretty much do it!

1. I've started my driving lessons. I've now done 7 hours of lessons and I'm loving them! I wanted to start in January but had terrible snow that put a stop to that, so only managed to start in February.

2. This is coming along nicely too. Amongst other things, the boyfriend and I had a mini break in Madrid at the beginning of February for 5 nights. Very cultured visit, including getting to see original paintings by Picasso, Dali and van Gogh! And got to see Pandas and white tigers, endangered species at Madrid zoo, and also a dolphin show - something I've always wanted to see. Have two weeks booked off work in Sept, and planning to go on holiday with Daniel.

3. Daniel and I have been doing art together this year, and more recently we've begun baking. We also did a trip to the cinema that we both enjoyed, and were going to go last week too but he wasn't well enough. I've got his first visit to watch a football game lined up too for a couple weeks time. Keeping my eyes peeled for things to do with him.

4. Have sorted this out finally, and am sticking extra money in it now and then so I don't even notice it!

5. This is coming along nicely too!

6. I've started my "secret project" and hope I'll be able to continue it. I found it very therapeutic starting it.

7. They're all gone! Yep! Every last one of the feckers... and I've got SO much extra time on my hands without those silly addictions!

8. These will happen when it gets warmer. It's too darn chilly for them just now!

I just love this saying...

"There is no meaning to birth or death so just enjoy the interval!"

It's very fitting to these resolutions...

Here's to an awesome resolution fulfilling 2010!

Louise xXx

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