Thursday, 17 December 2009

Daniel's Diary... "Food"

A few days ago Daniel is in bed he comes through to me and asks in a voice that shows he's been giving this some thought...

"Mummy, Would all the Grannies and Grandad's and Mummys and Daddys and all the little children die if they didn't eat any food?"

"Yes Daniel we all need food and water to be able to live and survive."

"Well what happens if all the food goes out of date!?"

L xx

Friday, 11 December 2009


Ah so it's nearly that time of year again... oh dear Christmas how you sneak up on thee so fast!

I can never get into the festive spirit these days, despite having a child. How terrible is that!? I love buying presents as I just love to shop online!! Always go OTT with the gifts but I don't mind. If I wasn't buying for others I'd be overspending on crap for myself, mainly clothing/shoes that never fit or don't look right on me that I'll never return!! What a waste of cash... So at least around Oct last year and again this year I switched the compulsive online shopping addiction from myself to others lol.

I hate putting up the decorations and tree. All those who know me will know I have a serious disability when it comes to organising... therefore doing the festive decorations is a bit of a mission for me, and not at all enjoyable!! Last years tree looked awful, and I didn't care. I stuck some lights on it, then let Daniel set upon the tree with decorations (he was 5). Just let him shove things on it basically, and that was fine with me. I had a tree - and it was up and had decorations and lights on it. Who says it HAS to look pretty?? It will probably be a similar affair this year unless my boyfriend wants to do it one night he is over!!

I always like the IDEA of Christmas decorations, but not the reality of making them happen. I bought 3 window decorations. Light up ones, think one is a Santa on a sleigh another is a snowman... you get the drift. Anyway, they've never even been out their box!! Maybe this year is the year... but then again it's so much effort! For a couple of weeks only to have to take them down again and try to cram them back in boxes that suddenly you can't actually believe they came out of? I'm a bit of a scrooge these days in that sort of sense!

I do enjoy wrapping the many presents I buy too. Usually with some Christmas songs on. Tend to do this very near Christmas (even Christmas Eve!) as I always leave everything to the last minute, did you really think present wrapping would be any different? Oh well maybe you would, seeing as for the last two years I've started my Christmas gift shopping back in September/October sorta time - complete with a Wordfile of who I need to buy for, and what I've got them underneath along with the prices,where I bought it and what date I bought it. See for SOME things I can be organised...

This year is the first year since I started work last November that I was eligible to be rostered on to work during the holidays (as last year I was still a preceptor), though luckilly I wasn't one of the "chosen ones" so I'm off both Christmas and New Year! Yay!

Perhaps I'll stick a picture up on here when the tree is done to show you what sort of state it is in.

Wishing you all Festive Fun and Frolicks for 2010!

L xx