Friday, 14 August 2009

Random Strange Incident

Last night as I was rushing from the bus to my son's nursery to collect him before it shut at 6pm I witnessed one of those "man that was WEIRD!" moments that really just make you think afterwards.

I was doing that strange kinda I'm walking fast and half sorta running now and then kind of walks, when I came across a little girl who must've been about 8 or so. She was sitting on a toddler's trike. She wasn't peddling it. Just sitting on it even though she was too big for it. She didn't look at me, and just kept looking at the handlebars. There was no other children around, and no signs of the toddler this trike actually belonged to.

Then she spoke. She said in what sounded very much like an American accent "Michael Jackson's deaaaad" in what sounded really like a sad, trying to get to grips with it tone. Like she was saying it to herself. I really don't think she even noticed I was there.

As I hurried along on my way, as I was approaching the 6pm deadline-or-get-a-fine to collect my son, and then as we both walked home afterwards I couldn't help but to continue to think about this little girl. Was she a tourist at a B+B? Was she upset about Michael Jackson? Should I have stopped and made sure she was ok and not lost? And another strange thought - was the trike just an abandoned/lost/stolen toy she came across and someone had graffitti'd on it about Michael Jackson? Although I doubted this last one to be true though it would also kinda make sense - the girl not looking up, and the way she said it - maybe she was reading "Michael Jackson's Dead"?

Strange, random incident that even though it's the next day somehow I still am thinking about it


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